At ATAC, the focus is 100% on You

Australian Travel Agents Co-operative (ATAC) is the only true co-operative buying group in the Australian Travel Industry. Our foundations are built on transparency, superior buying power and equal sharing of our group profits.  For over 35 years, ATAC has been a national co-operative with our members our ONLY shareholders, working together for the prosperity of all.


Our Members Enjoy

An annual dividend on their shareholding

An overrides model with a tiered structure providing accelerated override payments based on a member’s support of preferred partners

An annual trading bonus

Complete independence and autonomy

Involvement and decision-making

A comprehensive and competitive preferred partner portfolio

Communication, collaboration, training and support.


What we aspire to

Our vision is to empower independent travel agencies in Australia by leading the way in breaking down barriers to success. We aspire to be dedicated partners in prosperity, providing unwavering support for all to thrive in the evolving landscape of the travel industry.


How we do things

We passionately advocate for independent travel agents at every stage of their business journey. We are dedicated to fostering connections, building confidence and contributing to their prosperity.


Our Why

We bring people together to consolidate, inform, participate and thrive.

Let’s join together and Partner in Your Prosperity.