The travel industry is undergoing rapid changes with intense competition from large chains, online platforms and potentially even within your own buying group. 

Margins are always under pressure, requiring a delicate balance between maximising the yield on sales and closely managing your costs to ensure that every dollar is working for your benefit.

A few questions you need to ask yourself

  • Is your buying group not meeting your expectations?
  • Are you missing out on getting great deals with the suppliers you know and love?
  • Do you wish you had more support from your buying group?
  • Do you feel like you’re in a straight jacket with lots of rules and regulations, when you really feel ready to do your own thing?
  • Are you really being listened to?
  • Do you wonder about what value you’re getting when big invoices come in from your buying group?
  • Do you want amazing benefits but without the hefty price tag?
  • Are you worried about how much of the fees and charges you pay are going to support buying group overheads and executive salaries?
  • Would you like the potential to earn more?

If you answered YES to any of these questions,
then it‘s time you considered joining us?

8 Reasons to consider ATAC for your business

1. Co-operative by name and by nature

As a co-operative, we are 100% owned by our members. When you join our group, you buy a share and earn an annual return on that share, as well as have a say in decision-making. We have consistently paid a dividend, averaging 12% annually. We hold regular members’ meetings to discuss current issues and with Board members are always present. At our annual AGM, members vote on strategic decisions and review the financial reports. Information is transparent and available at all times. Your opinion is valued and we encourage active participation. If you should decide to leave for any reason, your shareholding is refunded to you.

2. Small Head Office & Low Overheads

With slim margins and intense competition, efficiency and minimising expenses is key in running your business, isn’t it? Shouldn’t your buying group be operating with the same mindset? At ATAC we run a small head office team with a very hands-on CEO. We don’t spend your money on fancy offices and large teams of support people. Our people are jacks (and jills) of all trades, plus your Board members are very hands-on and are always accessible. If you’re worried about how much of your money seems to be going to your buying group’s big head office overheads, then get in touch with us.

3. Putting more money in your pocket

We are all about enhancing the revenue side of your business. Our aim is to secure volume deals on your behalf, ensuring maximum benefits flow directly to you. Our membership and overrides model ensure greater rewards in your pocket, the more you support it, the more you will earn - with the ability to achieve 80% override payments. ATAC makes regular override payments to members and a remittance advice is provided to you so you reconcile back to your sales Aside from your initial one-off share purchase and annual membership fee (payable either annually or quarterly), there are no on-going fees such as, marketing levies, or admin fees. Plus, we leverage the group’s buying power to help you reduce costs of insurance, training, risk management and HR management.

4. Preferred Partners you already know... and some new ones

We continually engage in negotiations with a wide selection of travel wholesalers ranging from the biggest in the country to niche, boutique wholesalers and have preferred partnerships in place with over 48 suppliers. This means you’ll see the names you are used to dealing with and some new ones. We’re also aware that many independent agents specialise, so we ensure you’re covered with wholesalers who focus on a particular region, travel mode, insurance, marketing and more. We’ve partnered with Consolidated Travel Group to give you access to some of the best airfare deals on offer today. To make it really easy for you we have direct links and everything you need to know about our preferred partners on our member portal, ATAC 360.

5. Maintain your independence

Maybe you’re already independent and looking for a more supportive buying group? Alternatively, you might belong to a larger franchise network and feel it’s time for a change, time to break free? Either way, you’ll feel right at home at ATAC. Our diverse membership ranges from high street agencies and home-based agencies to specialised, niche operators who all form an incredible support network to each other, but yet remain fiercely independent. At ATAC, our focus is on supporting you to grow your business without imposing a one-size-fits-all approach. We’re here to empower your independence, not dictate how you should run your business.

6. Members are the drivers

Your ATAC Board members are owners and managers of small to medium travel businesses just like yours. They understand first-hand the day-to-day pressure and challenges of operating a business. All directors are elected by our members. Their positions are far from ceremonial. They are actively involved in the strategy and operations of the Co-operative and work hard to add significant value, contributing to initiatives that improve your bottom line. In addition, from time-to-time, members are invited to strategic planning workshops and brain-storming sessions – all with the objective of staying on top of evolving ATAC’s business model to future proof our success.

7. Communication and support

We keep you informed and value open communication! Our monthly “What’s Hot” e-newsletter delivered directly to your in-box, ensures you stay abreast with what’s happening across the group, updates from board meetings, exclusive incentives, HR updates and industry news. Our member portal, ATAC 360 has all the information you need to run your business. Log in for info and links to preferred partners, the latest offers and incentives, news updates, ready-to-use social media tiles and a library of customised HR templates and guides to keep you up-to-date on Fair Work and people management. Our community thrives on encouraging open dialogue and networking. Our closed Facebook group is a great avenue for asking for advice and opinions from others.

8. Conferences and Ongoing Training

Ever found yourself at conferences and training sessions that felt irrelevant, expensive, and didn’t offer anything new? Our annual ATAC Future Focus Conferences, held in various Australian destinations or internationally, along with our frequent ‘Hands On, Future Thinking’ training workshops and supplier sessions, and famils, are designed with you and your business in mind. We focus on delivering new, relevant skills and strategies that you can integrate into your agency immediately. Our conferences include open panel discussions, presentations from industry leaders, keynote presentations on pertinent topics, a networking exhibition, and, of course, memorable social events that keep attendees talking for months after the event.

Let’s join together and Partner in Your Prosperity.