Competition is intense from big chains, online and maybe even within your own buying group. Margins are under pressure so while you are busy maximising the yield on every sale, you’re also watching your costs to make sure each dollar is working for you

A few questions you need to ask yourself

  • Is your buying group actually meeting your expectations?
  • Are you missing out on great deals with the suppliers you know and love?
  • Do you wish you had more support from your buying group?
  • Do you feel like you’re in a straight jacket with lots of rules and regulations?
  • Do you have a say and are you being listened to?
  • Do you wonder about what value you’re getting when big invoices come in from your buying group?
  • Do you want amazing benefits but without the huge price tag?
  • Do you worry about how much of the fees you pay are going to support buying group overheads and executive salaries?

If you answered YES to any of these questions,
then it‘s time you considered joining us?

8 Reasons to consider ATAC for your business

1. Co-operative by name and by nature

As our name suggests, we are a co-operative, which means we are 100% owned by our members. When you join our Group you buy a share and even earn an annual return on that share, as well as have a say. Over the last 10 years we have paid a minimum of a 12% dividend. We hold regular members’ meetings to discuss current issues, exchange views and network. Board members are always in attendance, so you have direct access to them.

2. Small Head Office & Low Overheads

With margins tight and competition fierce, you run a tight and lean ship, right? Shouldn’t your buying group be doing the same? At ATAC we run a small head office team with a very hands-on CEO. We don’t spend your money on fancy offices and large teams of support people. Our people are jacks (and jills) of all trades, plus your Board members are very hands-on. No need to worry about your money going towards big head office overheads.

3. Putting more money in your pocket

Our aim is to enhance the revenue side of your business. For the past 3 years, we have made 8 payments per annum to members: 4 quarterly air payments, a financial year and a calendar year override payment, a super override on air targets achieved and a share dividend. There are no on-going fees e.g. membership, marketing levies or admin fees. Plus, we leverage our buying power to reduce your insurance, risk management and HR management expenses.

4. Preferred Partners you already know... and some new ones

We negotiate deals with the wholesalers country-wide. This means you’ll see the names you are used to dealing with. We’re also aware that many of you specialise, so we’ve added a number of wholesalers who focus on a particular region or travel mode. We’ve partnered with Consolidated Travel Group to give you access to some of the best airfare deals on offer today. Our in-depth Preferred Partner Guide provides you with quick access to details and commissions.

5. Maintain your independence

Maybe you’re already independent and looking for a more supportive buying group? Or you could be part of a larger franchise network and feel the time is right to break free? Either way, you’ll feel right at home at ATAC. Our members’ range from high street agencies to specialised, niche operators who all provide an incredible support network to each other, but remain fiercely independent. We’re here to support you, not tell you how to run your business.

6. Members are the drivers

Your ATAC Board members are owners and managers of small to medium travel businesses just like yours. They know first hand the day-to-day pressure and challenges of operating a business. Plus the Board roles are far from ceremonial. Our members elect each Director who are actively involved in the operations of the co-operative and work hard to add value that improves your bottom line.

7. Communication and support

We keep you informed. We create new opportunities to help you grow your business and ensure that we are always transparent. Our ATAC 360 intranet and monthly “What’s Hot” e-newsletter, keep you up-to-date with what’s happening, about exclusive incentives and relevant industry news. Feedback is provided from quarterly Board meetings and open dialogue and networking is always encouraged. You get all the support and advice you need, without the big price tag.

8. Conferences and Ongoing Training

Have you attended conferences and training sessions that aren’t relevant to you, are expensive and where you don’t learn anything new? At our annual ATAC Future Focus Conference (2017 Hobart, 2018 Singapore and 2019 Brisbane) and at our regular ‘Hands On, Future Thinking’ training workshops and regular supplier workshops, we focus on you and your business. New, relevant skills and strategies can be implemented into your agency straight away.