The Australian Travel Agents Co-operative (ATAC) Announces the Evolution of their Business Model


[Melbourne, 18 July 2023] - The Australian Travel Agents Co-operative (ATAC) has announced a significant milestone in its journey as it unveils the evolution of its business model.


After over three decades of successful operation and in response to the evolving landscape of the travel industry, ATAC engaged in extensive consultations with a diverse group of ATAC members to identify the best way forward for the co-operative.  The outcome was the introduction of a fee-based and tiered level of remuneration for member overrides, whilst retaining 100% of members at source commission.


The new business model launched to members in a group forum recently brings forth numerous benefits for ATAC, its members, and our preferred partnerships.  It reinforces and supports ATAC’s tag line of “partners in your prosperity”.




ATAC General Manager, Michelle Emerton advised, that “The new structure will offer a range of key advantages. The fee and tiered level remuneration model will incentivise agents to expand their preferred supplier business, leading to increased income for everyone. Members will benefit from a fairer distribution of costs and ensure a sustainable funding system for ATAC.


This revamped model strengthens the supplier-ATAC relationship, promoting collaboration, trust and mutual success. Furthermore, our members will benefit from increased service and product opportunities. The implementation of this model strives to create a more level playing field for all agents. The more you support, the more you earn, the more we all prosper.”


ATAC remains dedicated to putting its members first and fostering their financial prosperity. The new, innovative business model has been well-received by members as it exemplifies ATAC’s commitment to returning benefits directly to members, reinforcing our ethos of putting money in their back pockets.


By adapting to the changing landscape of the travel industry, ATAC strives to create an environment that enables sustainable growth and success for the co-operative, all travel agents and preferred partners.