Making it easy for our members to sell Australia


ATAC (Australian Travel Agents Co-operative) has responded very quickly to the swing in the market to domestic tourism, by ensuring that their members are well-positioned to reinvigorate their businesses.


This is being achieved through the inclusion of easily accessible Australian Tourism Board content on their customised technology platform, ATAC 360.


A key benefit provided to members is the selection of over 50 ready-to-use social posts which includes approved images (with mandatory photo credits) from Australian tourism boards, as well as recommended wording. Members can select their preferences in ATAC 360 and upload the posts to their agency’s social media pages in under 5 minutes.


ATAC General Manager, Michelle Emerton advised that, “It makes perfect sense to use our technology to make it as easy as possible for members to sell Australia. Besides social media content, the respective image and video libraries, training and links to the tourism boards trade and consumer websites are also available.”


This information will give all members nationally the ability to grow different revenue streams, as well as boost productivity with hours of time saved when looking for relevant up-to-date content for domestic marketing campaigns and advice to clients. 


“In light of the current situation, we are very pleased that we were able to pivot and offer this solution to our members within a very short turnaround time. All content is live and ready for members to use immediately,” added Michelle.


In conjunction with this initiative, ATAC are also working closely with their preferred suppliers to make different and exciting domestic holidays available to their members.